The Legacy of the Past

Covering about eighty-seven acres, the cemetery tells the story of past generations, as memorials and inscriptions record the achievements of the past. The cemetery, through its general appearance and atmosphere, speaks also of the living and how well they have kept the faith with those who have passed on.

Beauty and Serenity

The Board of Managers have created a park-like setting aided by the beautifying effects of time in the development of hard-surfaced drives, walks, lawns, shrubbery, trees, and flowers. The daily care and management of the cemetery is credited not only to the managers but also to the superintendent and cemetery staff who work hard to keep the cemetery beautiful. With commercial enterprise seeming to spread into the most sacred and reserved of undertakings, the managers of Ivy Hill Cemetery employ no salespeople.

The Board of Managers, realizing the importance of making provisions for the permanent care of all lots through perpetual care, adopted in 1962 a resolution to set aside a portion of the sale price of each lot sold. The amount taken is to be placed in the Ivy Hill Cemetery Legacy and Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is used for the care of the grounds and all the buildings within the cemetery limits. A percentage of families who have purchased lots before 1962 have contributed to the Endowment Fund for the perpetual upkeep of their lots. The option to contribute exists for families who have not already done so.

Special care for lot and crypt owners and others interested, desiring special attention to cleaning of stone work, the placing of flowers, plants and decorations at certain holidays, such as Easter, Memorial Day and Christmas, may do so through endowment by arranging in advance with the office management.

An Act of Legislature vacating all streets through the property gives to lot-holders assurance that the remains of those buried within its limits will never be disturbed.

panoramic view of the cemetery, showing trees and graves

Choices for Every Need

The cemetery has a variety of burial options ranging from in-ground burials to crypt and niche burials at the company's new mausoleum. There are areas in the cemetery that are set aside for families who wish to purchase a single grave to accommodate up to two burials. We also have areas designated for family lots. The Ivy Hill Cemetery Company does not require the use of concrete burial vaults for in-ground burials. We also have specific lots set aside for families who wish to erect their own personal mausoleum. A sealable metal casket is required for all entombments in any crypt mausoleum.

a roadway through the cemetery, lined with graves and shrubbery